Family Office Costs & Fees

Family Office Costs & Fees

Managing the complex financial functions of substantial wealth requires the knowledge and application management of professionals.

When the combined wealth of a multi-generational family becomes too complex to successfully manage by yourself, a family office structure that is professionally administered will act as a valuable addition to the ongoing success of your heritage. By incorporating your financial affairs into professionally managed company, your legal and administrative experts will support your financial interests as they seek to preserve and generate wealth for generations to come.

The costs of managing substantial wealth are proportional to the value of that wealth. The cost implications of managing substantial wealth are likely to include the services of experts that specialize in the disciplines of accounting, business law, tax law, investment management and a personal administrator to oversee the integration of each discipline. In order to minimize these costs, ultra-high net worth families choose to benefit from the incorporation of a consolidated family office structure that seamlessly integrated each professional function into one efficient, operational structure. The benefits do not only rely on administrative cost savings, but with each required application under the cover of a single management team the operational structure is more easily optimized through the identification of opportunities that emerge through the integration of each function.

Compensation models

Dalton Financial presents an arrangement whereby families can compensate our services on a fixed (hourly) rate or as a percentage of the assets under management. In most cases, a combination of each compensation model is also made possible. Contact us to discuss your family wealth requirements in detail and to determine how Dalton Financial can help you and your family to prosper through a cost efficient, expertly managed family office structure.